Until The 18th General Assembly of the World Craft





The World Craft Council, Isfahan 18ᵗʰ General Assembly

The World Crafts Council AISBL (WCC-AISBL) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that was founded in 1964 to promote fellowship, foster economic development through income generating craft related activities, organize exchange programs, workshops, conferences, seminars, and exhibitions” and in general, to offer encouragement, help, and advice to the craftsperson's of the world. The organization is now formally registered in Belgium as an international organization and AISBL is there the French shortcut for an internationalassociation without lucrative purpose. The WCC is organized into five regions: Africa, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and North America. The organization is affiliated to UNESCO.

The WCC was another creation of Aileen Osborn Webb, who had already founded the American Craft Council in 1943. The WCC (Europe) meets once a year and the 2011 meeting was held in Dublin, Ireland.

The World Crafts Council meets every four years. In 2012, the General Assembly occurred in Chennai. After this General Assembly the Presidency will move from India to China.

On June 12, 1964 delegates from 50 countries met for the first World Crafts Council Congress at Columbia University in New York City from June 8 to 19, 1964. Mrs. Aileen Webb, with co-founders Ms. Margaret Patch and Smt. Kamaladevi Chattopadhyay from India established a craft movement to provide a better future to the craftsperson's of the world.

The Congress proved that when confronted with each other as artists, people could meet in a friendly spirit and with deep understanding, no matter what their race or politics. This is the first road towards bringing peace to the world. It is the things of the spirit, the arts of the country which has always led mankind forward, and it is this spirit that the craftsmen of the world must lend themselves. Aileen Osborn Webb.

The following table gives information on the General Assemblies held and the name of the President elected at the respective General Assembly: